Elementor #1555

A revenue management suite for vacation rental entrepreneurs.

Beacon: Automated Reporting
Buoy AI: Market-Responsive Dynamic Pricing
Buoy BI: Quick-Reference Performance Dashboard


Automated Reporting

Beacon puts portfolio performance at your fingertips. It delivers regular revenue reports and alerts users to time-sensitive events like double bookings…all in your email inbox.

Cost: Free 

Buoy AI

Responsive Dynamic Pricing

Buoy’s collaborative AI adjusts rates based on current conditions in your area. It looks at nearby vacation rentals and hotels, then sets the optimum rate to maximize revenue.

Cost: 1% Revenue Share

Buoy BI

Quick-Reference Performance Dashboard

Buoy BI combines pricing controls, reporting, and market benchmarking in a mobile-friendly package. It integrates seamlessly and requires no training to use.

Cost: $5/Listing/Month

Revenue management isn’t sink or swim any more!

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