Our mission

Why are we called Buoy? Simply, our algorithm floats rates on market currents. We also believe in buoyancy—levity, support, and trustworthiness—as a guiding principle for our company and team.

Our mission is to make information accessible. We understand that many people enter the vacation rental space without any prior experience renting their homes—but that shouldn’t mean the tools should be difficult. We strive to bring clarity to this industry.

Our cofounders

Tim Speicher and Candice Speicher

Meet Tim and Candice!

Tim and Candice are married!
Tim is our CEO. He is a revenue manager and data communicator certified from Cornell University with experience at vacation rental companies large and small. He also loves playing D&D.
Tim’s LinkedIn
Candice is our Chief Creative Officer. She is a visual storyteller with expertise in user experience, infographics, and data visualization. She also loves gardening.
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Szabolcs Pasztor CTO Buoy

Meet Szabolcs!

Szabolcs is our CTO. Szabolcs has designed, scoped and led development of high-profile projects at Spotify and his software firm Dakai where he was CTO. Prior to that he worked as a full stack engineer at German healthcare startup Temedica.
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And we're excited to announce that we are going through the Techstars Chicago accelerator Fall 2021!

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