About Buoy

Tim Speicher

Head of Product

Szabolcs Pasztor

Head of Engineering

Candice Clark

Head of Design

Strategic Advisors

Jacquie Amacher
Ashutosh Nandeshwar
James Kamedulski
Tom Noll
Stefanie Genauer
Brian Bullington
Karen Remsen

Until very recently, our industry had seen unprecedented, explosive growth. Property management systems have innovated, streamlining every element of vacation rental operations.


While those platforms evolved, however, pricing software stagnated. Impossibly, we’ve been without a significant rate-setting innovation for five years…eons in a high-growth industry like ours.


Buoy is rate setting and reporting AI. It optimize rates based on market conditions, then validates them through automated reports. We are piloting the rate setting AI this summer and will pilot a BI interface later this year.

We invite you to join us vacation on this inaugural voyage.

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